• Helping Teens Overcome Sexual Addictions

    Our program was created to assist teens and their families who may be struggling with sexual behavior issues, sensitive sexual issues, and electronic addictions.
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  • Providing Experiential Education

    Mount Pleasant Academy is Northwest associations of accredited schools (NAAS). We provide experiential education with direct instruction, seat time and packet work.
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  • Therapists Understand Sexual Behavioral Issues

    We have licensed professionals and therapists trained in sex specific treatment. We offer individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, and experiential therapy.
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  • Experiential Therapy

    Our experiential therapy will consist of equine therapy, animal responsibility and adventure based activities.
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  • Helping Family and Parents

    Mount Pleasant Academy is designed to help treat teens with sexual behavior issues while helping parents and families cope the the issues.
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Residential Treatment Centers | Troubled Boys | Mt Pleasant Academy

Mount Pleasant Academy is a residential treatment center located in Mt. Pleasant, Utah. Our treatment program is designed to assist adolescent troubled boys and their families who are struggling with compulsive sexual behaviors, sensitive sexual Mt. Pleasant Academy Located in Utahissues, and/or digital addictions.  We present a safe, secure, and professional program in a beautiful and serene group home setting.  Our dedicated clinical staff specialize in the therapeutic treatment and intervention of sexual disorders and sexaul addictions for troubled boys.

If you are the parent of a troubled boy who is experiencing issues related to sexual compulsive behaviors, pornography addiction, and other sensitive problems you have come to the right place.  Mount Pleasant Academy (MPA) is specifically desigened to provide treatment and early intervention for boys struggling with sensitive sexual issues.

You are not alone, and there is hope; we are here to provide therapeutic help and early intervention.  Mount Pleasant Academy is a small, 16 bed, residential therapeutic program for boys ranging from ages 12-18 years old.

At Mt Pleasant Academy we take a holistic approach in the treatment of sexual behavioral issues.  Meaning, we do not solely focus on treatment of sexual compulsivity.  We provide therapy, education, and emotional development through a comprehensive well-balanced therapeutic approach.  We are very unique in the fact that our students prosper emotionally, academically, and behaviorally.  We combine evidence-based therapy with specialized academic support, presented through a "positive peer culture" environment. 

Residential Treatment Centers for Troubled Boys

At Mount Pleasant Academy our treatment of sexual compulsivity and sex addiction is focused on the associated issues regarding sexual compulsivity, such as trauma, dissociation, attachment, and self-concept.  Are you concerned about your child's inappropriate sexual behavior (including internet pornography addiction)?  At Mount Pleasant Academy for troubled boys, we can help.

Residential Treatment Centers | Mt. Pleasant AcademyWe are known for transforming boys - taking a life of self-destruction and chaos and turning it into a life of self-care, confidence and peace.  Our dedicated professional staff provide the best treatment available for adolescents battling sexual compulsivity or sexual addictions.

At Mount Pleasant we focus on presenting healthy enrichment activities for the purpose of promoting overall well-being (physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional health) and emotional maturity.  We have one of the very best professional therapeutic teams available.  Our professional staff care deeply about our students and their families.  Equally important is the fact that they are specifically trained and equipped to effectively identify and treat complex sexual issues related to boys struggling with sensitive problems.

We recognize several advantages to our approach.  We understand that it may be very difficult for a student with sexual issues to be open and honest about their problems, and may even fear becoming labelled and/or stigmatized.  We believe once removed from their previous influences and placed in an environment that provides the structure, unconditional acceptance, parenting, and security with a team of licensed staff, each student will have the opportunity to genuinely address their personal sexual issues.

Students will receive the following services while at Mt Pleasant Academy:


Individual therapy with licensed trained therapist one time per week – more sessions are available and can be added as needed based on the results of the assessment.  Sessions will focus on sex specific issues as well as a broad range of issues.

Comprehensive Sexual Behavior Risk Assessment (SBRA) administered by licensed professionals trained in sex specific treatment (90 days).

Family therapy session one time per week or as need provided by licensed trained therapist

Group therapy will be daily and will address appropriate age relationships, healthy and appropriate boundaries, thinking errors, identifying sexual triggers, healthy coping skills, anger management and substance abuse.

Experiential therapy will consist of equine therapy, animal responsibility and adventure based/experiential activities.


  • Mt. Pleasant Academy is Northwest associations of accredited schools (NAAS)
  • 1 teacher to 16 students with additional academic staff/tutors.
  • Experiential Education - Mt Pleasant provides direct instruction, seat time, and packet work.

Residential :

  • Mt Pleasant provides appropriate staff to student ratios at all times for safety and security.
  • Mt Pleasant provides positive peer culture model on a daily basis.
  • Mt Pleasant residential day provides principle based living and activities.
  • Mt Pleasant provides enrichment activities (athletics, services, vocational, art, etc.)
  • Mt Pleasant provides healthy living and wellness through exercise, sports, recreation and service.


Contact Us Today for More Infomation about Residential Treatment Centers for Troubled Boys (866) 439-8110.


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