A Residential Treatment Center for Boys with
Compulsive Sexual Behaviors, Pornography Addiction,
Sensitive Sexual Issues, and/or Digital Addictions..

Mount Pleasant Academy is a small, 16 bed, Residential Treatment Center for boys ages 12-18 struggling with compulsive sexual behaviors, sensitive sexual issues, pornography addiction, and/or digital addictions.

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Therapy for Pornography Addiction
Our Environment

Mount Pleasant Academy is a safe place for boys dealing with sensitive issues to be open and honest about their problems in an environment and approach that is accepting and supportive but not judgemental.

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Our Therapy

We have one of the very best professional therapeutic teams available who care deeply about our students and their families and are specifically trained and equipped to address the complex and sensitive issues so many boys struggle with.

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Our Academics

Our academics are tailored for each student to remediate academic weaknesses, improve study skills, and bring students up to or beyond grade level..

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Our People

Our people are like family to us and to the boys.  We employ highly educated, experienced professionals that specialize in sensitive sexual issues to teach and mentor the boys..

Meet Our Team

Boys at Mount Pleasant Academy are good kids who have just made some poor choices. We specialize in addressing the reasons for their poor choices, often based on feelings of self-worth and trauma.


At Mt. Pleasant Academy we take a holistic approach combining evidence-based therapy, academic instruction, and emotional development through a comprehensive well-balanced therapeutic approach.

We are known for transforming boys – taking a life of self-destruction, porn addiction, and chaos and turning it into a life of self-care, confidence and peace.

Our students prosper emotionally, academically, socially, and behaviorally.

Mt. Pleasant Academy helped us as a family heal from the trauma our son experienced long ago. He’s a new person, confident, caring with a positive outlook on life and healthy relationships with friends and family.Rebecca G. - Mt. Pleasant Parent, NY

From Our Parents

Mt. Pleasant Academy worked when everything else failed.  We tried weekly therapy, wilderness, and a short term program that really had no effect.  At Mt. Pleasant Academy he’s found a new outlook on life and relationships that we thought he would never have.Alan & Heather B. - Oakland, CA
My heart was broken when my son began to withdraw into a darkness that I couldn’t understand.  Nothing I did made anything better, only worse.  I tried counseling for porn addiction, therapy at school and privately, but changes were fleeting.  I heard about your program in a support group, nothing but glowing reports from the family who had a son here.  I prayed that it wasn’t too good to be  true, and thankfully for me and my son it was exactly as they described.  Thank you for creating such a place to help these boys. Ondine A. - Milwaukee, WI


For Help, Call Today: (855) 601-8914

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We Address why good kids get off track and engage in self-destructive behaviors.  Pornography addiction and other compulsive sexual behavior is usually a symptom of underlying problems that can be treated.”
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