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Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs for Troubled Teens in Kentucky

If you are the parent of a troubled teen who is struggling with chemical dependency, the good news is that addiction treatment can be successful with most adolescents, even when their addiction is advanced. The top teen drug and alcohol treatment programs offer around-the-clock services in a residential community led by substance abuse counselors. Teenagers from Kentucky usually stay in a substance abuse program for 30 days or more, sometimes up to a year.

Help for Troubled Boys in Kentucky

Troubled boys facing issues of sexual compulsion are what we mainly focus on at Mt. Pleasant Academy, but substance abuse is often associated with a lot of other problems, including sexual compulsive disorders. Other behavioral issues like ADD/ADHD, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and other emotional instabilities can all come into play when troubled teens are abusing drugs. For more information about Mt. Pleasant Academy, please call us today at 866-439-8110.


Signs That a Teen May Be in Need of a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program

  • Severe Changes in Mood or Attitude
  • Unusual Temper Outbursts
  • Sudden Change in Sleeping Habits
  • Changes in Hobbies
  • Signs of Depression and Withdrawal
  • Carelessness and Irresponsible Behavior
  • Unusual Hostility Toward Family Members
  • Losing/Changing Friends
  • Unusually Poor Academic or Vocational Performance
  • Losing Interest and Lacking Motivation in Things That Were Once Important
  • Negative Changes in Schoolwork, Missing School, or Declining Grades
  • Increased secrecy about possessions or activities
  • Use of Incense in Conversations With Friends, More Secretive, Using “Codes” Language
  • Change in Clothing Choices: New Fascination With Clothes That Highlight Drug Use
  • Increase in Borrowing Money

Even though problems such as drug abuse and sexual compulsion can be difficult to deal with, we accept struggling young boys from all walks of life. Sexual compulsion can be embarrassing, but care and compassion are exercised here by our staff and our students are given the tools to take on adversity in a positive way. Challenges and hardships are seen as ways to improve oneself, and this sort of positivity is in every element of Mt. Pleasant Academy, from the experiential therapy to counseling. Please call us at 866-439-8110 to speak with a professional.

Parents should be aware of the negative consequences of teen drug abuse, which include a mental or behavioral health condition, depression and anxiety, poor social coping skills, feelings of social rejection, lack of nurturing by parents or caregivers and a belief that drug abuse is alright. Parents should also consider reviewing the changing risk factors periodically.

To help depressed teens, parents can encourage their child to spend time with friends and to get involved in extracurricular activities. Positive peer experiences and strong friendships can help prevent depression. Playing team sports or taking part in other organized activities can help, by boosting self-esteem and increasing natural endorphins.

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Home - Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs for Troubled Teens

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