Children and Behavior Modification

Mt. Pleasant Academy is a residential treatment center with a lot of different options available for the help Troubled Teens Behavior Modificationand assistance of troubled teens in need, including the options that behavior modification centers offer for children and troubled teens. All of the units here have staff members that serve the individual needs of each student. Much experience is what we offer here to turn around the lives of all troubled teens. If you want to find out more about Mt. Pleasant Academy and the programs that we offer, please contact us today at 866-439-8110.

Student Profile for Troubled Teens in need of Behavior Modification

Truancy/Poor School Performance
Lacks Motivation
Bipolar Disorder
Depression and Sadness
Dual Diagnosis - Co-occuring Issues
Adoption Issues
Divorce Issues
Family Issues
Impulsiveness and Obsessive Behaviors

Mt. Pleasant Academy is a residential treatment center that provides a lot of different therapy options to troubled teens. In house therapy is offered here for our troubled teens, and all of our students can work together through group activities. Mt. Pleasant Academy is a very experienced program, helping hundreds of troubled teens back to their feet. We have a premier, year-round educational program that allows students to recover lost credits, and repair bad GPA. Our goal is to get troubled teens through whatever issues they may be facing and to get them on the track to success.

Many of our students enroll in Mt. Pleasant Academy because of behavioral, mental, or emotional problems that need resolution. Our residential treatment center for troubled teens offers individual and group counseling as well as other interventions for the purpose of redirecting the struggling girl towards success. Mt. Pleasant Academy is here to help your troubled teens succeed. Please call us to find out more at 866-439-8110.

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