Finding Places for Troubled Youth

Many parents struggling with finding a place for their troubled youth to get the long term therapy that they Troubled Youth Therapyneed. We know that, in many cases, troubled teens get to a point in their issues where they can no longer stay at home with any expectation of change. Mt. Pleasant Academy is an excellent residential treatment center for troubled boys. Residential treatment centers are able to take troubled teens out of their familiar environment and place them where they have no other real choice than to focus on the therapeutic options available to them. For more information, please call Mt. Pleasant Academy today at 866-439-8110.

At Mt. Pleasant Academy, a program that only serves troubled boys, we feature staff members who truly care about your troubled teens. We are very different from large, institutionalized boarding schools. Our program is fairly small, so our goal is to get on the level of every student that comes to our program in a way that is personal and real. Long term therapy is never easy for troubled teens or their parents, and Mt. Pleasant Academy wants to do whatever necessary to make that process easier without sacrificing the quality of our therapy. Positive peer culture and experiential therapy assure this.

Working with Parents in finding places for troubled youth

Personal connections and positive relationships are what we focus on here at Mt. Pleasant Academy. Our hiring process involves bringing on people because of the skills that they uniquely possess. We are highly selective with our staff, and only those who we believe are up to the task of providing troubled teens with the best possible therapeutic experience will work for us. Let Mt. Pleasant Academy come alongside you and your family in the journey to find recovery for your troubled teens. Please call us today at 866-439-8110.

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