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Therapeutic Programs for Troubled Teens

For parents of troubled teens in who are choosing from the many therapeutic programs available, this can be a seemingly impossible task. Struggling teenagers need a therapeutic and supportive treatment center to help them overcome their issues and become successful young adults. For help finding the perfect program for your struggling teenage son, please call 866-439-8110.

Troubled teens are high risk candidates for problematic behaviors such as drug/alcohol abuse, dropping out of school, pregnancy, violence, depression, or suicide. "Troubled Youth", just what does this phrase refer to? Every teen, no matter how perfect they may be, undergoes a troubling phase in their adolescent years. This is an expected behavior during adolescence, but should not be an excuse for outrageous defiant and rebellious behavior. There is a major difference between "typical teenage issues" and "troubled teens".

Troubled Teens In Need of Therapeutic Programs

At Mt. Pleasant Academy, we offer specialized treatment and focus on troubled boys who are dealing with compulsive sexual disorders. We help these boys recover by providing them with sexual education, coping methods, appropriate boundaries, and healthy sexual attitudes and identity. Our licensed and highly trained staff helps your son to avoid relapse and will help him get back on track.

For parents of rebellious or struggling teenagers whose child is in need of the therapeutic intervention that only residential treatment centers can offer, Mt. Pleasant Academy can help. Without further delay, please call 866-439-8110 to speak with our Admissions Directors to start the enrollment process.

Home - Therapeutic Programs for Troubled Teens

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