Residential Treatment Programs for Troubled Boys

Mount Pleasant Academy presents premier residential treatment programs for troubled boys, providing the best therapeutic intervention and therapeutic approach for the effective treatment of adolescent boys struggling with compulsive sexual behaviors.

We want you to know that you are not alone.  Hundreds of people wake up every day to discover their son has been living a life of lies and deceit because they suffer from sexual compulsivity and sexual addiction.  Parents often feel devastated and angry, attempting to pick up the pieces of their broken hearts.

If you are a parent who has just made this discovery about your son, your first instinct will be to flee the situation and never look back.  We are here to say that there are better options and solid solutions.  Call us today.


Positive Peer Culture - Therapeutic Community Approach - Troubled Boys

Mt. Pleasant Academy follows a positive peer culture model in our daily living.  This model creates a safe milieu for learning and growth.  Positive peers create an opportunity for change.  Change occurs readily when social equilibrium is disrupted.

Many youths are not motivated to change upon entering treatment; therefore, if progress is to occur, youth may have to, first, become dissatisfied with things as they are.  Positive peer culture creates a climate where hurtful behaviors are noticed and challenged so a person may begin to question their own existing values.

As troubled boys begin to identify their issues (selfishness, self-centeredness, self-absorption) and their lack of concern for self and others, they are already becoming a better human being.  Our trained and educated residential staff work daily with students during residential living, academic settings and therapy groups and activities.  Residential treatment programs provide the perfect environment for experiential education, character development, pro-social behavior, and enrichment opportunities.

Healthy Living | Residential Treatment Programs | Troubled Boys

Mount Pleasant Academy will provide healthy living throughout the students stay. Recreation, exercise and a healthy diet will be a focus of the daily program schedule. Students will participate in athletics, hiking, snowshoeing, community service, art, and vocational opportunities.

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