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Therapy programs for teenage boys who are covertly rebellious are designed for the child who is in need of immediate therapeutic intervention.  Mount Pleasant Academy serves boys ages 12 to 18, providing specialized treatment and therapy programs for boys who are struggling with sensitive sexual behaviors.

First, we want to tell you that you are not alone, and we can help.  Parents of rebellious boys who are dealing with behavioral problems that exceed the parent's ability and capacity to effectively handle the situation must look to outside help - often looking to therapy programs that specialize in the recovery and restoration of teenage boys.  Mt. Pleasant Academy has been the answer to many families of troubled boys.

The accessibility of pornography through the internet has escalated compulsive sexual behavior in adolescents.  Today, too many adolescents use the internet to seek sexual interaction or stimulation.  These youths are at risk of developing sexual addictions and sexual compulsivity disorders.  Parents are mostly unaware of their child's exposure to internet porn, and then shocked when they discover that their child needs therapeutic intervention due to sexual compulsivity and sexual addiction issues.

Experiential Group Therapy - Congitive Behavioral Restructuring

Mount Pleasant provides a safe environment for students to address their self-destructive behaviors, while nurturing their personal and emotional growth in recovery.  Our program is based primarily on process oriented experiential group therapy.

Much of the treatment at Mount Pleasant Academy is grounded in cognitive behavioral restructuring.  The intensive and highly structured environment allows staff the opportunity to look at the whole person and treat the underlying causes of self-destructive behavior and not simply the symptoms.

Mount Pleasant Academy is a unique facility that models and educates students on healthy and supportive interpersonal skills, which is essential in fostering a new lifestyle in recovery.  Clearly the old lifestyle and/or behaviors were not working.  The safe environment at Mt Pleasant Academy creates a place where positive pro-social change is supported, appreciated, and encouraged.

Making positive changes can be a frightening and extensive process that may take several months to internalize.  Physical health, personal responsibility, spiritual development, interpersonal relationship skills and boundary development are also part of the program.

Mount Pleasant Academy uses a multi-therapeutic model.  This specific module includes the following:

Group Therapy for Teenage Boys

Group therapy includes:

  •     Open Discussion & Student Community Groups
  •     12-Step Groups
  •     Social Skills Workshops
  •     Educational Lectures
  •     Leadership Training
  •     Anger Management/Victim Awareness Groups
  •     Positive Peer Groups
  •     Anger management/victim awareness groups
  •     Special Interest & Groups Designed For a Particular Population of Youth
  •     Appropriate Boundaries & Healthy Touch Groups


Individual Therapy for Teenage Boys

Individual therapy is given to help students gain personal insight into their behavior and gives them an opportunity to establish a trusting relationship with their counselor.

In this setting, students are able to process personal and sensitive issues that might be too difficult for them to share with the group.

Substance Abuse Counseling

Substance abuse counseling opportunities are offered three to four times a week for those students with addiction problems.  These meetings consist of a combination of:

  •     AA/NA meetings
  •     Hazelden's Living in Balance Program
  •     Adolescent Chemical Dependency Recovery Workbook
  •     Positive Peer Culture Groups
  •     Individual counseling sessions

Our Positive Peer Culture Groups are an open forum.  The youths are encouraged talk about their issues on a daily basis.  It is an essential part of our process to allow the troubled teens freedom to talk about these issues on their time instead of feeling forced into recovery.

The Positive Peer Culture meetings create a safe, friendly environment where students feel care and concern from their peers who are in their same situation discussing similar issues.  They will be able to realize that they are not alone in how they feel.

Our AA/NA meetings are held on-site a minimum of two times a week, with visiting guests scheduled on a periodic basis.  Students are also encouraged to read from the AA & NA Big Book as a complement to their 12-Step work.

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