Enrichment Activities at Mt Pleasant Academy


Mt Pleasant Academy is dedicated to providing regular student Enrichment Activities, designed to promote attributes such as trust of self and others, willingness to take personal risks, positive self-expression, healthy personal interests, and self-confidence.

The acquisition of such attributes through athletic and recreational activities enhances the overall well-being of Mount Pleasant Academy students.  In addition, mixing athletic and recreational activities with clinical and scholastic elements of treatment are an essential ingredient for positive development.

We realize the significance of athletic and recreational activities for many of our students.  We have enthusiastic rosters for many athletic activities such as basketball, flag football, softball, etc.  We believe, through sports, our students can not only learn the value of playing by the rules, they can also learn the value of teamwork; they learn to take responsibility for themselves, as their teammates depend on them.  This teaches the value of care and concern, which is central to our Positive Peer Culture.

The best investment we’ve made in our son’s future. He has a new understanding of his addictions and works daily using the skills he learned to keep those things at bay that would easily suck him in.  His grades are better than ever, we talk more than ever, and his social relationships are healthy and fun.Grant & Isis J. - Baltimore, MD

Fun Recreational Activities


In addition to athletic activities, we encourage our students to participate in recreational activities such as bowling, camping, fishing, hiking, snowshoeing, tennis, etc., as well.  Recreational activities are a fantastic way to manage stress, and actually help the mind develop clarity and alertness.

The health benefits from recreational activities are immeasurable and those engaged in recreational activities are far happier than people who are not.

As students gain the trust and respect of the treatment team, they will be able to participate in more of theseEnrichment Activities, on and off campus.




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Thank you for the help and hope you gave our family when we were hopeless. When we toured you said the boys were good kids that made poor choices – I appreciate that you have respect and understanding for boys who got into things beyond their ability to understand or repair.Brent W. - Tampa, FL
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