Typical Student Profile

Boys Battling Pornography Addiction, Digital Addictions and Compulsive Sexual Behavior

Typical Mt. Pleasant Academy students are good boys, from good families, yet they are confused, compulsive, and are struggling with some extremely critical errors of thought and behaviors. They may have learned to cope with relationship difficulties by turning to pornography and sexual behavior to temporarily feel good.

The typical Mt Pleasant Academy student IS NOT a sexual offender with multiple stranger victims and no empathy or remorse, but a young man who simply needs to learn more about his self-worth and how to cope with trauma and relationship difficulties in healthy, fulfilling ways.

If you are a parent of a boy who is dealing with sexual issues, pornography addiction, and other sensitive sexual problems please consider calling Mt Pleasant.  We have professional admissions counselors who can help you find the perfect solution as fast as possible.

Pornography Affects Everyone

The average sexually compulsive boy is likely to be a clean-cut, high-achieving, intelligent young man.  His intelligence (sneakiness) and access to the internet has coupled together to create the problematic behavior – pornography addiction, and perhaps even compulsive sexual behavior.

Unfortunately, these boys fail to make the connection between unmet emotional needs and acting out behaviors. Perhaps, because of the accessibility and anonymity of inappropriate sexual information, these bright boys get caught in a vicious cycle of feeling poorly, acting out, temporarily feeling good and then feeling poorly again. They rarely receive healthy or accurate information about true human connection, sexuality, and intimacy. We can help!

Treatment Options for Boys

One of the most important issues our society faces is “how to treat adolescents with sexual behavior problems?”.  Unfortunately, as a society we tend to treat these adolescents with sexual compulsivity disorders (sexual addiction) with disdain.  We look at these youth in the same way that we look at adult sexual offenders.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  They are not offenders, and if we provide early therapeutic intervention these boys can recover and enjoy totally normal and healthy lives.

In regard to boys with sexual addictions our society wants to treat them with harsh and punitive treatment interventions.  As parents you want to make sure that the treatment your son receives does not shame him, or drive his issues underground.  The best research and clinical experience strongly questions any treatment that promotes guilt or shame.

It is believed that early psychological injury from sexual abuse, physical abuse, exposure to violence, attachment trauma, or early sexualization, is at the root of most sexually compulsive behavior.  Therefore, it is important that parents realize that the treatment of sexual addictions and sexual compulsivity disorders also includes the treatment of the root causes.

At Mount Pleasant we believe it is necessary to reign in out-of-control and destructive sexual behaviors “early”.  But equally important is that we treat the source of the behavior, realizing that it is a psychological injury.  If you don’t get to the root cause then you have not adequately dealt with the destructive sexual behaviors.  For that reason alone we must know that it’s highly inappropriate to treat adolescents with disdain, harshness, or as “offenders”.

Again, the typical Mt Pleasant boy is bright, intelligent, and good-hearted.  He has been exposed to unhealthy sexual experiences at an early age and is need of restoration before his underground behaviors cause long-term devastating results.

Typical Student of Mt Pleasant Academy needing help in the following areas:

  • Understanding personal responsibility, choice and accountability
  • Behavioral self control (interruption of patterns of dysfunctional behavior)
  • Learn and understand pro-social behavior
  • Learn, understand and identify healthy and appropriate self expression
  • Develop healthy and appropriate relationships with children, peers and adults
  • Build self esteem/worth and personal identity
  • Interrupt and control identified thinking errors and minimization
  • Learn to live an addiction free lifestyle
  • Improved mental health and intellectual skills and coping skills
  • Improve family functioning behaviors
  • Develop empathy of victims and others and resolve victim and community restitution
  • Improve healthy interventions, competency, and resiliency
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