Our Campus

We are located in a beautiful ranch setting in Mt. Pleasant Utah.  The rustic cabin, rural environment, and majestic mountains is the perfect place for growing and healing boys.


Welcome to Mt. Pleasant Academy

Our home is  a large three-story rustic cabin located on a small ranch on the outskirts of Mt. Pleasant, Utah – the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

The Cabin comfortably houses up to 16 boys with plenty of room to work, learn and play.  The top floor is the boy’s rooms with balcony views of the surrounding mountains and lush ranch land.

The main floor is a large common area with comfortable furniture where you’ll find the boys playing board games, reading, watching a movie, or just sitting around and talking with their friends and staff.  On the lower floor you’ll find the dining room, laundry, classrooms and therapists offices.


The Cafeteria & Dining Room

The lower floor of the cabin contains the kitchen where the cooks make nutritious and delicious home-style meals that make the boys feel right at home.

Good meals are an important part of health and well-being in young boys and our cooks are always busy preparing the meals and snacks of the day.

Just like at home, the dining room is always the center of activity – active with hungry boys after a day of working with their horses, doing chores, and doing their schoolwork.

The Boy’s Quarters

The boys quarters are comfortable with balcony views of the surrounding mountains and scenery.  The nights are cool and quiet, though you’ll hear the sounds of crickets, frogs, and coyotes in the distance.

The stars in the dark sky shine brightly and morning sun glows red through the windows as the boys wake each morning. The boys have their personal areas, their bunks, bedding, and private chest of drawers to keep their things.

Mount-Pleasant-Academy-9222Just outside the boy’s rooms are the private bathrooms and showers.

As the boys are always supervised, the staff are awake through the night working at the adjacent staff desk where they can supervise without disturbing their sleep.

The Ranch

Outside you will find large pastures filled with beautiful horses, a tack shed full of saddles, bridles, halters, and everything you need to work with and ride horses.

A large round-pen is also available where the boys can work with their horses during equine therapy as well as beginning horsemanship lessons where they learn to catch, groom, saddle and ride their horses.

The boys also learn how to care for their horses through feeding, grooming, minor medical care, and nutrition.  The horses roam freely around the ranch, or are turned out in the north pasture among the tall grass and trees.

We also have a few fun little ranch animals running around the place.  The dogs are always happy to get the attention of the boys who love to get them involved in a game of frisbee or fetch.  We have a pig that you can find wherever there is shade and sand,  but she isn’t interested in much unless the boys are on their way with dinner.



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Thank you for the help and hope you gave our family when we were hopeless. When we toured you said the boys were good kids that made poor choices – I appreciate that you have respect and understanding for boys who got into things beyond their ability to understand or repair.Brent W. - Tampa, FL
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