Therapy at Mt Pleasant Academy

Boys at Mount Pleasant Academy are good kids who have just made some poor choices. 

We specialize in addressing the reasons for their poor choices, which are often based on feelings of self-worth and trauma.


Pornography Addiction TherapyMount Pleasant Academy offers clinical pornography addiction treatment programs for struggling boys, utilizing the very best sex addiction treatment psychology available.  We take a holistic approach with each student, treating each boy as an unique individual with specific needs.  Our ability to tailor the program to address the individual needs of our students is what separates us from other pornography addiction treatment programs for troubled boys struggling with sexual addiction and compulsive sexual behavior. Mount Pleasant Academy has developed a unique therapeutic treatment program for boys struggling with sexual compulsive issues.

Our approach is designed to keep those safe who need protection, while implementing a caring and nurturing therapeutic response.  We provide treatment options for the underlying injury (root causes) without the shame and punishment.

Most importantly, our goal is to educate our students about healthy sexuality with clear, accurate information about healthy sexual behaviors–including boundary awareness and intimacy. All students enrolled into MPA go through an initial observation and assessment phase.  A comprehensive risk assessment will be made based on observations of behavior, individual history, psychoanalysis, and other pertinent evaluations.  Once assessment is complete a master clinical treatment plan is developed for the student.  Clinical treatment goals are then established to set forth the treatment protocol.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Development of a treatment plan is individualized and is based off of the findings of our initial assessment.  The clinical treatment plan will integrate standard sexual disorder specific treatment, along with other essential factors that are known to exist. As part of our clinical treatment plan, we encourage our students to take full responsibility and participate in development of the later stages of the treatment protocol; taking accountability for their behavior helps them to gain insight into their history of poor choices.  Our students are embedded with the ability to develop realistic and effective self regulation strategies, coping skill sets, and relapse prevention plans.  By participating they will develop healthy sexual attitudes, appropriate boundaries, and a safe sexual identity.

Empathy and Family Safety Plans

Our students also develop and sustain empathy for others through various treatment modules and role playing environments.  This is a critical step in the recovery process.  They are also active participants in the development of a family safety plan, which will be utilized as they return home to their families. At Mount Pleasant Academy clinical treatment will also include psycho-sexual education such as sex education, healthy sexuality interventions, maturation, human development, healthy sexual functioning, cognitive ability (IQ), and knowledge regarding current laws of sexual misconduct.

The Clinical Treatment Programs of Mount Pleasant Academy include:

  •     Treatment objectives:
  •     Understand personal responsibility, choice and accountability
  •     Behavioral self control (interruption of patterns of dysfunctional behavior)
  •     Learn and understand pro-social behavior
  •     Learn, understand and identify healthy and appropriate self expression
  •     Develop healthy and appropriate relationships with children, peers and adults
  •     Build self esteem/worth and personal identity
  •     Interrupt and control identified thinking errors and minimization
  •     Learn to live an addiction free lifestyle
  •     Improved mental health and intellectual skills and coping skills
  •     Improve family functioning behaviors
  •     Develop empathy of victims and others and resolve victim and community restitution
  •     Improve healthy interventions, competency, and resiliency

Experiential Therapy

Mt Pleasant Academy will be active in experiential activities such as equine therapy, horsemanship, animal responsibility, fishing, hiking, canoeing, snowshoeing and other adventure-based activities.




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My heart was broken when my son began to withdraw into a darkness that I couldn’t understand.  Nothing I did made anything better, only worse.  We tried counseling, therapy at school and privately, but changes were fleeting.  I heard about your program in a support group, nothing but glowing reports from the family who had a son here.  I prayed that it wasn’t too good to be  true, and thankfully for me and my son it was exactly as they described.  Thank you for creating such a place to help these boys. Ondine A. - Milwaukee, WI
The rustic nature of the school with horses, mountains, and fresh air makes the perfect place for boys to learn the lessons of life in a way that is disconnected from all of the technology and peer distractions that overwhelm them at home. Adria & Russel H. - San Jose, CA
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