Equine Therapy at Mt. Pleasant

Working with horses teaches boys compassion, empathy, self-discipline, and understanding as he works with and cares for his horse.

Through interaction with horses, our young men build new skills in relationship development in a way that no other therapy approach can offer.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Equine Therapy sessions are a collaborative effort between the therapist, equine specialist, the horse, and the student – experienced in the open air and in an relaxed environment. Through equine therapy, students learn and practice skills of patience, self-confidence, empathy, compassion, and trust.

Horses communicate through body language, and learning to watch for, and listen to this body language helps the boys watch and listen for similar language among their peers, parents, and families.

The boys practice techniques of building healthy relationships by establishing a safe and trusting relationship with a horse. Learning to trust a 1,000 pound horse, and gaining that horse’s trust, helps each boy overcome personal barriers, learn responsibility, and accept accountability.

Equine therapy is an important and unique part of the Mount Pleasant program.  Research has shown greater success of equine therapy when compared to traditional talk therapy in treating sensitive attachment-based issues such as sexual addictions, internet pornography addiction, and compulsive sexual behaviors.

Through working with horses, our clients learn to be aware of themselves and to be sensitive to what messages they portray about themselves, all without speaking a word. The horses often teach the residents more than any other part of the program.





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My heart was broken when my son began to withdraw into a darkness that I couldn’t understand.  Nothing I did made anything better, only worse.  I tried counseling, therapy at school and privately, but changes were fleeting.  I heard about your program in a support group, nothing but glowing reports from the family who had a son here.  I prayed that it wasn’t too good to be  true, and thankfully for me and my son it was exactly as they described.  Thank you for creating such a place to help these boys. Ondine A. - Milwaukee, WI
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