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At Mount Pleasant Academy, our goal is to do our best to help troubled teens recover, heal, and to see families reunited.

To this end, we sincerely do our best to care for your son while he is entrusted into our care – and help you reconnect with your child as new skills are mastered.

We truly appreciate the feedback, stories, and comments we receive from our parents and students throughout the years.

Falcon Ridge Ranch

Mt. Pleasant Academy helped us as a family heal from the trauma our son experienced long ago. He’s a new person, confident, caring with a positive outlook on life and healthy relationships with friends and family.Rebecca G. - Mt. Pleasant Parent, NY
Mt. Pleasant Academy worked when everything else failed. We tried weekly therapy, wilderness, and a short term program that really had no effect. At Mt. Pleasant Academy he’s found a new outlook on life and relationships that we thought he would never have.Alan & Heather B. - Oakland, CA
My heart was broken when my son began to withdraw into a darkness that I couldn’t understand. Nothing I did made anything better, only worse. I tried counseling for porn addiction, therapy at school and privately, but changes were fleeting. I heard about your program in a support group, nothing but glowing reports from the family who had a son here. I prayed that it wasn’t too good to be true, and thankfully for me and my son it was exactly as they described. Thank you for creating such a place to help these boys.Ondine A. - Milwaukee, WI
The rustic nature of the school with horses, mountains, and fresh air makes the perfect place for boys to learn the lessons of life in a way that is disconnected from all of the technology and peer distractions that overwhelm them at home.Adria & Russel H. - San Jose, CA
There is nothing like your program anywhere. We searched and searched for someone with understanding and expertise in sexual disorders and their causes. We tried traditional counseling, but time was passing too quickly and we couldn’t afford the chance that a generalized behavior program would work for him. The qualifications of your clinical team are outstanding. I wish I could make your program known to every parent who feels the same as I did.R.D. Jess - Denver, CO
The best investment we’ve made in our son’s future. He has a new understanding of his addictions and works daily using the skills he learned to keep those things at bay that would easily suck him in. His grades are better than ever, we talk more than ever, and his social relationships are healthy and fun.Grant & Isis J. - Baltimore, MD

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Thank you for the help and hope you gave our family when we were hopeless. When we toured you said the boys were good kids that made poor choices – I appreciate that you have respect and understanding for boys who got into things beyond their ability to understand or repair.
Brent W. - Tampa, FL
The most important thing to us was to get help for our son, it didn’t occur to us that academics would be an issue while he was away. We were so happy with his success in treatment, his grades shot up like a rocket! They more than followed through on their promise to not let him fall behind.Dana R. - Reno, NV
We stayed at a local bed and breakfast and had a wonderful time visiting the mountains and historical sites. It is a place where the air is clean and the skies are full of stars we never see living in the city. Anne Spevak - Phoenix, AZ
The little city of Mount Pleasant is wonderful, it’s like stepping back in time a little – something we all wish we could do now and then. The surrounding ranch land is beautiful, and the town has things remembered from my childhood such as a drive in theater, an old fashioned drug store, and a retro ice cream shop with amazing food. We loved our visit.Jan, B. - Mt. Pleasant Parent
I can’t say enough about my experience with Mount Pleasant. Immediately after touring and enrolling my son, I was able to sleep for the first time in a long while knowing he was safe and getting the help he needed. Our therapist gave me an understanding of the situation in a way I never thought of. It changed our whole family outlook on life and relationships with each otherH. Gonsalves - Houston, TX
It was difficult to find a program that specialized in the problems we were facing with our son. We are so thankful to you all for doing what you do to help families who have nowhere else to turn.Erina K. - Miami, FL
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